Is Internship for me?

Some jobs never become available for some obvious reasons in Nigeria. A major advantage of our Internship Program is that you are not competing with experienced or well-connected candidates. Our internship program in essence gives you one foot in the door with many different employers with just one application. This saves you time and effort as you do not have to fill out different applications and attend various interviews.
Internship is not for everyone and it is not a direct replacement to seeking employment. The benefits should be weighed up against what you ultimately want to achieve. If any of the issues below applies to you, then our Internship Program is what you need.
  • Graduated within the last 3 years with no clear career directions?
  • Job hunting with no luck?
  • No work or commercial experience?
  • Tired of filling job applications or sending CVs?
  • Lack of confidence?
  • Little or no professional network?
  • Self-employed but need more experience or structure?
Our Internship program trains you to be work ready in 3 months, gives you the necessary support to gain valuable knowledge and 2 years paid work contract to master skills. The selection process is very thorough and our partners trust the quality of graduates we provide. Our test is not only on academics but intelligence and real life scenarios. Our interns earn more than the average starting salary of most companies in Nigeria*. You earn a salary while still training to give you the maximum support and focus needed for the program. After investing heavily in your education, Join us to invest in you. Education is expensive but ignorance is more costly.

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