Why have i not been able to get a good job?

The Government needs to do more to make graduates employable

Employers don’t like graduates without experience

I don’t have any connections.

Does any of these sound like you?

Have you asked yourself if you have done enough to warrant a good job?

Unfortunately the simple answer is also a question

How do employers know you are employable since thousands of people have the same qualifications? 

Research shows that majority of Nigerian youths think having a degree or going to a top institution is the only thing required to survive in the competitive job market. (Some people even tell you to take some professional certification examinations.)

Some youths have invested more in pop culture and social media or see more reason to take part in quick financial gains program like MMM than invest in themselves.

Are you one of the few that would rather place a sports bet than bet on your future?

Employers know that young graduates do not necessarily have experience but there is nothing stopping them from having the right work skills.

We are all happy to blame the government for unemployment amongst the youth. But we fail to look within and ask the important questions. What have I done? Where have I looked? Am I employable? Did I do my best at the last interview?  If you are satisfied with the answers to those questions then you are one step closer.

Have you ever asked yourself why you wrote a JAMB examination before you were admitted into a higher institution? Apart from using the examination to determine your academic suitability for admission, institutions are also comfortable enrolling you because they know the source of your introduction to the institution. Same way Employers feel more comfortable employing people from known sources. Sitting back and asking the right questions opens your mind to a whole new dimension.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on our Work internship program

How long is the program for?

It’s a 2 years program that guarantees you a job after the intensive 3 months hands on training.
What is the cost of the training?
The training is free. It is a 3 month training which will cover different skills depending on the program.
What happens if I fail my test?
You may resist the test a restricted number of times.

What is the application process?

First you apply then take the computer based test. Shortlisted candidates are invited to an assessment day. Finally candidates are then giving 3 months hands on training before being placed to work with one of our partners for the remaining 21 months.

What if I don’t get a job?

We work closely with our partners to ensure that this is not the case. But in the event that this happens, you will be paid your agreed salary whilst you continue training. We will train you in other areas to broaden your horizon so that you can appeal to our other partners. We also mentor and link applicants who wants to be self-employed on the right part while still getting paid a salary.

How much?

We do not charge you anything for this program. We invest in you for free. Our computer based test is run by a third party company who charge for their services. It is a very nominal amount and in itself is not equivalent to what we teach, train and invest in you.

If you train me for free, how do you make money as a company?

Our partners pay us a fee for employing our interns. The agreement we have in place with them means that we cannot supply them with just any candidate but instead with high level trained, work ready individuals. We negotiate a sign-on fee with the employers when they decide to take you on after the 2years program.

Why do I have to pay for test?

The test are run by a third party company who specializes in handling tests of such nature. We are happy to use a company that charges as it helps us ensure that only serious and dedicated individuals are giving a chance. Our experience has taught us that when there is a financial investment, no matter how small, candidates are more likely to take the process seriously.

I can’t afford to pay for a Test.

We understand that not all qualified applicants have the financial means to pay the 3000 naira fee for the online test. We grant waivers to applicants that shows a good level of seriousness

Why does my application process take time to process?

Unfortunately do not have the capacity to employ everyone. This is why we have a series of stages to ensure the right candidates are selected.

Can I partake if I am more than 3yrs?

We receive a very large amount of applications yearly. We do not have the capacity to handle application beyond this points.

How much do I earn?

This depends on the program and the location. The salary range is between 60k-100k

Do you take a part of my salary?

No your salary is all yours. We do not make money by doing this.

Please take time to read through this question. For more details visit our full FAQ page. www.247solutionsltd.com/faq/.

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